Administrator's Recognition Day

A tremendous thank you to our fantastic Administrator's on their Recognition Day! Thank you to: Jack Young (Jr./Sr. High Principal), Cindy Araway (Elementary Principal), Mike Huss (Custodial/Maintenance Director), Sara Hegel (Business Manager), Sara McNerney (Payroll/Benefits Specialist), Dave Mammel (Athletic Director), Michael Cowell (Transportation Director), Melissa Gohl (Food Services Director) and Kathi Kaniszewski, who is trying to learn how to retire but supporting still (Special Education Designee support). We are EXTREMELY fortunate to work with every single one of you and  lucky to have you on our team. 

Thank you for the endless hours, intelligence and thought you put into decisions every day affecting our students, staff and the "big picture" for the district. We couldn't do it without you!

If you have a minute, please send a little note, something from your students, a kind thought or a small token on to our Administrators for all that they do continuously and tirelessly around us.