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ok 2 say

OK2SAY is a confidential way to report threats to student safety and school personnel. 090215

The information collected will ensure that we have the details necessary to initiate a timely, appropriate response.

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

Check October 2022 Newsletter below for Scholarship Deadline Dates!

10/1 - FAFSA Applications are Open! (due 3/1/23)

10/4 - UTI/MIAT Rep Visit

10/6 - Delta College Rep Visit

10/7 - Homecoming

10/11 - UNOH Rep Visit

10/12 - National Guard Rep Visit

10/13 - MSU Rep Visit

10/18 - FAFSA night 4-8 pm (during parent/teacher conferences; bring SSN!)

10/21 - CMU Rep Visit

10/25 - Northwood Rep Visit

10/25 - College Application Day (bring SSN!)

Congrats 2022 Graduates! Read this article to see what our grads plan to do after high school!

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