What is the Board Scholar Program?

The Coleman Board Scholar Program started in 1983 by the Coleman Board of Education to reward students who display continuous academic excellence. Awards are provided by donations from Coleman community members and organizations.

To achieve Board Scholar status, students must maintain Honor Roll eligibility for the last four consecutive marking periods with no grade lower than a B- and no negative citizenship comments.

When is the Board Scholars Ceremony?

The 2024 Board Scholars ceremony will be on March 13th, 2024 at 6:30 PM in the Jr/Sr High School auditorium.

How to Donate

If you would like your donation to be included in the February 2024 ceremony, please assure it arrives to the Administration Office by February 23, 2024.

Any donations received after that point will be rolled over into the next year's awards. Memorials and recognitions will be noted in the bulletin if provided.

You may mail or drop off your donation to the following address: Coleman Community Schools, Attn: Board Scholars, 4823 N Coleman School Dr, Coleman, MI 48618.

How much were the students awarded last year?

In 2023, the Board Scholars earned the following amounts based on number of years in the program, and the total amount of donations received:

6th Year: $370.00

5th Year: $200.00

4th Year: $100.00

3rd Year: $50.00

2nd Year: $35.00

1st Year: $25.00

2022-2023 Board Scholars

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6th year

6th Year Award: Kierra Allen (sr), Madeline Dolan (sr), Alexis Germain (sr), Gabrielle Kroll (sr), Vance Sysak (sr), Mason Tucker (sr)

5th Year Award: Alivia Brooks (jr), Jared DeVrieze (jr), Autumn Hess (sr), Carley-Belle LaVier (sr), Kapre Lynch (jr), Zachary MacPhee (jr), Maggie Marovich (sr), Autumn Sapp (jr), Alexis Wright (jr)

4th Year Award: Aden Aultman (so), Ava Gross (sr), Madison Miller (sr), Emma Ranck (so), Lilian Rice (so), Katelin Wilson (so)

3rd Year Award: Sydney Bovee (fr), LilyAnn Bowland (sr), Nora Brownlee (jr), Delilah Cameron (fr), Toni-Lynn Domako (jr), Lucas Dunlop (sr), Bailey Gates (fr), Asher Hess (fr), Eliza Lewis (so), Jaxon Lewis (fr), Hannah Karl (sr), Jasmine Kilonsky (jr), Timeea Middleton (sr), Donovan Potter (fr), Danica Sabat (fr), Joseph VanSickle (fr), Cael Waterman (fr)

2nd Year Award: Kendall Allen (8th), Jayson Brooks (8th), Athena Brown (jr), Lilliana Colmus (jr), Regan Dashner (8th), Aubrie Ellison (8th), Kenley Guza (8th), Nevaeh Horton (8th), Afton Kirklin (8th), Parker Klopf (8th), Isabelle Lewis (8th), Raegen McCoy (8th), Peyton Russell (8th), Klaira Sysak (8th), Lux Tidwell (8th), Megan Wilson (8th), Brayden Wright (8th)

1st Year Award: Eli Baker (7th), Kyleigh Baker (7th), Brystal Berthume (7th), Jacob Buchner (7th), Kasey Carman (7th), Cody Cole (7th), Colt Cole (jr), Lauren Geeck (7th), Olivia Hegel (7th), Emma Husted (so), Henry Jenkins (7th), Harley Lattimer (sr), Savannah Lattimer (7th), Dominic Lawrence (fr), Ethan Lewis (7th), Thomas McNally (7th), Serenity Porter (7th), Rheannon Robison (sr), Charlee Rhode (8th), Carter Stillwagon (7th), Ayva Thomas (8th)

Board Scholar Donor List 2023

We would very much like to acknowledge those that so generously gave to the Board Scholar Program. Their monetary gifts are greatly appreciated by not only those students who are recipients of these awards, but also by the Coleman Community Administrative Staff. Thank you again for helping us honor our academic achievers in this way.

2023 Total Donations: $7,410

  • Keith & Diane Hubble in memory of Terri Ehrlich

  • Jerry & Maxine Bazsany Family in memory of Jerry & Maxine Bazsany

  • John & Dianna Guisbert in memory of David Guisbert & Waldo E. Guisbert

  • Mark & Laura Sprenger in memory of Julie Sprenger Powell & Bill & Jean Sprenger

  • Ann & Al Roeseler

  • Lewis Bros, Inc. in memory of Carl & Laura Lewis

  • Corey Lewis in memory of Melvin & Bonnie Cozat

  • Virginia M. Murray in memory of  Grandpa Bud Murray

  • Patrick & Cherry Burke

  • Dan Leppanen in memory of Pete & Betty Porte, & Rita Porte Leppanen

  • Keith Cozat Construction in memory of Wade Sheets

  • Tigner Printing

  • Coleman Community of Christ

  • Ken Jones in memory of Paulette Jones & Mike MacPhee

  • Barbara & Wayne Holsinger in memory of Mary Faber

  • Eric Flegel in memory of Vernon & Gertrude Flegel

  • Dolores Porte in memory of Rita Porte Leppanen, Clark & Marion Dennis, Betty & Pete Porte, & Damien (Porte) MacCord

  • George Misner in memory of Lynne Misner

  • Mary Pitchford

  • Terry & Joan Cashin

  • Coleman Senior Center

  • Bonnie Ranck in memory of Maurice Ranck & Randy Ranck

  • Kelly & Keena Cotton in memory of Karla Murray & Neil Johnson

  • Donna & Kelly Babcock in memory of Pete & Betty Porte & Clark & Marion Dennis

  • Kathleen A. Cozat in memory of Melvin J. Cozat

  • Huhtamaki

  • Kathi Kaniszewski in honor of Cindy Araway

  • Coleman Lions Club

  • Coleman Business Association

  • Robert & Cynthia Araway

  • Sue Klouse in memory of Terry Klouse

  • Norma Brooks in memory of Terry Klouse

  • Elaine Cook in memory of Mary Faber

  • Gordon & Bonnie Berthume

  • Morag LeFevre in memory of Lance LeFevre

  • Coleman Athletic Boosters, Mary Pitchford, Nancy Macklem, Cindy Hubble, Morag LeFevre, Michelle Griswold, Robert & Sara Higbee, and Wally & Janie Acker, all in memory of Sue Thering.