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Want to join Drama Club? Please contact the advisor, Joanna Shumaker, at jshumaker@colemanschools.net, or call the high school at (989) 465-6171.


Upcoming Show!

beauty and the beast

Want to help the program?

We're looking for props!

Beauty and the Beast

  • Large mounted antlers

  • Wooden crate

  • Brown lap blanket

  • Pitchforks

  • 5 or 6 foot-long wooden bench

  • Old-fashioned bucket for use with a well

  • Old-fashioned handheld mirror

  • Large wooden table with benches

  • "Throne"-type chair with high back and armrests

  • Medium and large round gear plates

Reach out to Joanna Shumaker if you or anyone you know may have access to these items!

Photos (at right) of Cinderella, Wizard of Oz, and Drop Dead, Juliet! were taken by Natalie Rogers.

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