Board Members

  • Lorie Fox, President

  • Travis Aultman, Vice President

  • Christine Blake, Treasurer

  • Angela Brooks, Secretary

  • Joseph Grabowski, Trustee

  • Nathan Clarke, Trustee

  • Jennifer Murray, Trustee

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Board Documents

Pledge Leaders

Two elementary school students are invited to recite the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of each month's board meeting. Students can earn this special honor by submitting their "I Spy a Leader" tickets, which are awarded throughout each school day to students exhibiting their best leadership skills. Thanks to all of our Pledge Leaders so far, we are so proud of how well you represent our school!

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Staff Recognition Comments from the Board

Shared at each board meeting by Board members.

July 2023

  • To all of the staff for their work to increase NWEA scores throughout the year in whatever way they contributed. NWEA scores were reviewed at the meeting as part of the 98b/c grant required reporting. Percentages of students on target vs. significantly behind were detailed in Sept. 2022 and again with the May 2023 testing. Percentages of students who were significantly behind saw TREMENDOUS declines in May in almost every category - All students, by grade level and in subgroups for both reading and math. Some of this data will be shared when staff returns in the fall and with the community.

  • Angela Brooks would like to recognize Natalie Rogers for assisting with the Board Comet Staff Recognition project/form that will go out at the beginning of the year. Staff will nominate other staff throughout the year to be recognized each month. They will receive an award to put on their desk or in their space for 5 weeks and have a coveted parking spot nearest their building. More to come on that. Thanks Nat!

  • Kudos to the custodial crew and student workers this summer for all they are getting accomplished!

  • To Cole Bailey, Ag student, for winning Gladwin's Grand Champion Steer award recently.

June 2023

  • The Agriscience Crew - Eric Fischer, Marie Zwemmer and Mandy Lattimer for the great open house. Chris Blake shared this is one of her favorite days because she loves the flowers and having the community see all that is going on. It's always organized and the kids were working together to help the public

  • Mrs. Kim Harsh and Mrs. Jennifer Murray for organizing the Senior Sunset at the football field for our graduates

  • To the softball team and coaches for their success this year

  • Mr. Fischer and Mrs. Torreano are applauded for trying something different in their final exams to allow for hands-on and economics projects as well as traditional ways of taking the exam

  • Mrs. Sara Hegel for her detailed presentation on the final budget for the 2022-2023 year and original budget for the 2023-2024 school year

May 2023

  • Mrs. Pelletier for going the extra mile and holding her own spring conferences for parents as well as a lock-in for her students and their success in meeting goals with the spring NWEA

  • Mr. Blake Scott and Mr. Burkhart for the spring music concert which was entertaining and fun, as always

  • Mr. Burkhart for planning the "Wicked" trip which was well-organized!

  • Ms. Jess Araway and Mrs. Torreano for the courage and efforts to propose an International Trip to Panama for next year

April 2023

  • Mr. Burkhart for the planning and execution of the Chicago Trip for students

  • To both buildings and staff for all of their efforts with spring testing, including the work done by Mrs. Zwemmer, the assessment coordinator

  • To Ms. Willoughby, Mr. Cowell and Mr. O'Dell for your presentations at the board meeting and your forward-thinking to benefit students

  • For the planning of the baseball teams at Dow Diamond and the attendance of so many staff members

  • Mrs. Torreano and the relationships she builds with students, the way she handles situations in the classroom and the rapport she has

  • Geneva Township and Josh Murray who came to present the donation from the township of 2 "Stop the Bleed" kits for our school buildings valued at $2,000

  • The School-Based Health Clinic grant and what it will mean to our students and families

  • Increased out-of-district numbers for Fall 2023 for both the Culinary and Agriscience programs to 23 and 22 each, respectively. This is in addition to those students who attend from Coleman.

March 2023

  • To Mrs. Shumaker, Mrs. Tallman, Mrs. Zylman and Mr. Burkhart as well as the whole crew - this was the first play this particular board member had been to and everyone did very well and especially with all they were able to put into the play.

  • The Comet News new layout and design is very well done and more engaging to read. Thanks to Natalie Rogers for bringing that to life.

  • The Open House/Watch Party for Leah's Korner Kafe was a great idea and it brought new people into the building. Having the students involved and giving tours was great and there were over 100 people in attendance. Thanks to all who made it happen!

  • To the diligence of Mrs. LeFevre and the other staff for sticking with it when the NEHS Induction ceremony had to be repeatedly rescheduled due to the weather and to the students who were inducted for all of their efforts and hard work.

  • To the PTO parents and all they do behind the scenes to earn money for student field trips and other events through fundraising such as Little Caesars kits. 

February 2023

  • To the Drama Club students and advisor, Mrs. Shumaker for the growth shown over the years to make this a successful program and to all those who have been a part of helping this program progress.

  • To Mrs. Robison for helping Mrs. Brooks as a new class advisor and showing her how everything works

  • To Mr. Williams, substitute administrator, for attending some of the basketball games this year

  • To Mr. Cowell, transportation director, and the transportation staff for staying on your toes during all of the ice and snow we've had recently and ensuring the safety of our students.

  • To everyone who pulled together, attended, donated to the Booster Bonanza and its success this year.