Board Members

  • Lorie Fox, President

  • Travis Aultman, Vice President

  • Christine Blake, Treasurer

  • Angela Brooks, Secretary

  • Joseph Grabowski, Trustee

  • Nathan Clarke, Trustee

  • Jennifer Murray, Trustee

Questions? Compliments? Ideas? Concerns? Contact the Board at anytime by sending an email to

Board Documents

Meet the Board!


From left to right: Joseph Grabowski, Nathan Clarke, Christine Blake, Travis Aultman, Jennifer Murray, Lorie Fox, Angela Brooks

Staff Recognition Comments from the Board

The Board of Education includes Recognition Comments in its discussion agenda at each monthly meeting. This is an opportunity for the Board to acknowledge the progress and efforts of those who contribute to the education of our children and community.

Pledge Leaders

Two elementary school students are invited to recite the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of each month's board meeting. Students can earn this special honor by submitting their "I Spy a Leader" tickets, which are awarded throughout each school day to students exhibiting their best leadership skills. Thanks to all of our Pledge Leaders so far, we are so proud of how well you represent our school!

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