Homecoming 2020

While we have had to postpone Homecoming, we will be able to hold some of our events starting this coming week! Thank you for your patience. More detail will come to you but for now, please know that at the Jr./Sr. High:

  • Voting for Court will be held starting the Week of October 5th. In-person and Online Learning Academy students will be able to vote and can be nominated for Court. 
  • Spirit Week will be October 16th-23rd (an extra day to make up for P/T Conference Day)
  • There will be a LiveStream event on October 22nd at 2:00 p.m. rain or shine, where Court and King and Queen will be announced .  Members of the Court will be allowed four (4)  pre-approved spectators. It will be streamed into the classrooms a link provided to the community and the band will play on the field. All must be social distanced by household, masked and names will be checked off at entry.
  • The Homecoming Game will be October 22nd (Thursday) at 7:00 p.m. Thank you to our Athletic Office for working so hard to ensure we have enough games this year with all that is going on. Court will be announced at the game and each member of the Court will be allowed two (2) spectators  at the game (different than during the day). Again, masked, social distanced by households and names will be checked off at entry.
  • More detail will be forthcoming about athletics and spectators in the coming weeks based on the Governor's Executive Order from last Friday. Please bear with us as we adjust "on the fly". 
  • We are not able to have a dance, assemblies or parade this year, but are excited to be able to provide some of the excitement of Homecoming.