Julia Sanders- American FFA Degree Awardee

Julie Sanderson, Coleman Regional Agriscience Program Alumni, has earned  has earned the American FFA Degree. The American FFA Degree is awarded to less than 1% of FFA members and is the highest degree a member can earn as noted in the Press Release.

We are SOO proud of you, Julia! #TeachAg #comet #growingforthefuture #education #Agriscience #preferreddistrict #FFA #CometPride

In order to earn the degree the student must meet the following requirements;

  • receive a State FFA Degree, 
  • holding active membership for the past three years, 
  • completing secondary instruction in an agricultural education program (Earn at least $10,000 and productively invested $7,500 or earned and productively invested $2,000 and worked 2,250 hours in excess of scheduled class time)
  • operating an outstanding supervised agricultural experience program
  • have completed 50 hours Community service, 
  • shown leadership abilities and have outstanding scholastic achievement