Coleman Culinary Arts chalk art on chalkboard

Recently, I got to participate - and by that I mean eat breakfast - while the Culinary Arts CTE class did a couple of practice runs with front and back of the house processes at our beloved community's historic building. They prepared menus, greeted and welcomed in their guests, set tables beautifully, waited tables with proper etiquette, were polite and friendly, cooked fantastic food of our choice, and even practiced beautiful food presentation on plates. Joining me on these visits were some other Coleman Community Schools staff members and admin, the superintendent Jen McCormack, and even the Business Association!

I gotta say -- I wish I could start my morning this way every day! On my first visit, I ordered the "Depot Frittata" and it was truly so delicious. The eggs were cooked nice and soft, and the parmesan cheese shaved on the top was a perfect match for the dish. On my second visit, I just couldn't resist the draw of the "Comet French Toast" -- I mean, French toast dipped in eggnog?! Yes, please! It was served with a warm, blueberry topping on the side, which was very fresh and complemented the meal very nicely.

With each of these practice runs, or "stressors," as Chef Andy called them, the students switch roles. This way, each student received the full experience -- serving, hosting, cooking, and even being customers! Per the classroom paraprofessional, Stephanie Sokolowski, the class takes the whole process very seriously and really enjoyed seeing what their food and service is like from a customer's perspective. The class was encouraging all their guests to provide honest feedback after their meal so they can learn how to improve.

Thank you to this awesome group of students from not just Coleman, but also Bullock Creek, Dow High, Midland High, and Meridian. You put in a lot of work to make these "stressors" a wonderful experience for your guests. And I can't forget to thank Chef Andy and Steph Sokolowski who guided them on all important aspects throughout the process. We love to see how Chef Andy's clear vision for the program in its second year at Coleman has helped provide structure and opportunity for the students. I am looking forward to seeing all the skills you'll all develop throughout the rest of this school year!

SIDE NOTE #1: Interested in joining the Culinary Arts CTE class? Visit our Culinary page here for more information, or visit our CTE page here for more info on both our Agriscience program and our Culinary program!

SIDE NOTE #2: Although we love having Chef Andy with us this year, he is only filling in temporarily while the search for our permanent Culinary Arts teacher continues. If you or someone you know might be interested in the position, please check out our posting here:

I hope I get to visit again soon!!!

- Natalie Rogers, Community Relations Specialist for Coleman Community Schools