As of April 24th 2022:

  • Symptomatic students/staff need to stay home and should test

  • Those who test positive must isolate at home for days 1-5 and only return on days 6-10 if they are masked and symptoms are resolving and they are fever free for 24 hours without using any fever reducing medications.

  • All identified close contacts should wear a mask for 10 days from the last exposure to a positive individual.

  • If there is a positive case in a classroom we will be sending a letter home to all families to notify them of a possible exposure. We will not be contact tracing individuals at school except in the case of known home exposures.

  • Household contacts who are unvaccinated will quarantine at home days 1-5 and can return to school testing on day 6 as long as they mask for additional 10 days; fully vaccinated household contacts may continue to attend school if masked days 1-10 and monitoring themselves for symptoms.

  • Should a staff member or student need to test please reach out to our School Nurse, Mrs. Weber at 989-229-0821 or contact the school office and they can connect you with someone on the COVID team who can assist you.