The District Improvement/ Strategic Planning Committee schedule is attached and current members are listed below.


  • Lindsay Harsh 

  • Jen Boyer 

  • Ericca Heilig 

  • Rachel Brownlee

  • Edwina Novak 

  • Cindy Araway 

  • Jack Young 

  • Kathi Kaniszewski

  • Ben Tigner 

  • Lorie Fox 

  • Abby Haggart 

  • Joanna Shumaker

  • Diane Cauchy 

  • Nancy Robison 

  • Jen Murray 

  • Natasha Allen

  • Katie Jenkins 

  • Chris Blake 

  • Linda Anthony 

  • Linda Lovejoy

Have you given your input yet? The District Improvement Team/Strategic Planning Committee is looking for your ideas and thoughts as we build a 3-5 Year Strategic Plan for the district.

Coleman Community Schools needs you as part of its District Improvement Team. This group will meet once a month for 2 hours with the focus on school improvement processes and creation of a strategic plan for the district moving forward. Stakeholders from throughout the community in multiple capacities will be considered for this group including: community members with and without students in the district, parents at each level, business and community partners, student resource partnerships, students, teachers, Board of Education members and administrators. If you have an interest in joining this group, please e-mail Mrs. McCormack, Superintendent at jmccormack@colemanschools.net.

The District Improvement/ Strategic Planning Committee will be meeting again this year. The primary focus of this group is to be liaisons to/from the community. The team consists of business members, community members, parents, support staff, teachers and administrators - anyone with a vested interest in the school district. They support the work involved in the 5-year Strategic Plan being created and will give it final approval before going to the Board of Education. Stakeholders, including members of this team and others, are also divided into 5 Goal Area Action Teams: Curriculum Alignment, Culture, Community Partnerships, Communication & Marketing and Enrollment. These Action Teams also meet during the month to create action steps for the 5-year plan. If you would like to join one of the 5 Goal Area Action Teams only, e-mail Mrs. McCormack about that.

The District Improvement/ Strategic Planning Committee also provides feedback to the District Improvement Plan, learns about the expectations of a district and provide feedback from their viewpoint and the viewpoints of other community members.

Click here for upcoming meeting dates and other information.