Casey Young was a WatchDOG at the Elementary last Thursday. He was able to hang out on the playground with his daughter, Sophia, and her class during recess!
about 23 hours ago, Coleman Schools
Casey Young & daughter
We had two WatchDOGS at the Elementary School last Friday, Jason Suhr (Pictured with daughters Mikayla and Emma) and Jason Germain (pictured with Mrs. Brownlee's class)! Thanks for volunteering and helping us out!
9 days ago, Natalie Rogers
jason germain
jason suhr
Mrs. LeFevre's fifth graders investigated ways to launch an egg and without breaking it. Katie from Chippewa Nature Center created this lesson as a fun time for her last visit of the school year. There was lots of laughter and a big mess when the eggs broke - a fun time for all!
14 days ago, Coleman Schools
cnc egg launch
cnc egg launch
cnc egg launch
cnc egg launch
cnc egg launch
Last week, led by Mrs. Lagalo, the elementary students spent time practicing positive self affirmations. They made self portraits with affirmations, shared homemade affirmation cards with others, and made an Affirmation Board to be enjoyed by all. They did a great job showing love and care for themselves and others.
16 days ago, Natalie Rogers
positive affirmations 2
positive affirmations 1
positive affirmations 3
positive affirmations 5
positive affirmations 6
positive affirmations 7
positive affirmations 8
2nd grader Arrayah was our awesome Pledge Leader at the Board Meeting tonight! This was her second time leading the pledge, and she did an excellent job getting the meeting started. Thanks for helping us out tonight, Arrayah!
18 days ago, Natalie Rogers
pledge leader
pledge leader 2
Mr. Denny Lewis was our WatchDOG on Friday! Here he is with his grandchildren, Comets Landon and Lexie Lewis. Thanks for coming to help us out!
24 days ago, Natalie Rogers
Denny Lewis WatchDog
Hazel, the Therapy Bunny, and her handler, Gwen, recently visited Coleman Elementary School. Pictured are Ms. McDonald's second grade students enjoying their time with Hazel and Gwen. We can't wait for Hazel to visit again soon!
25 days ago, Natalie Rogers
therapy bunny 1
therapy bunny 3
therapy bunny 2
6th graders and Mr. Rod from the Chippewa Nature Center creating a Land Management Plan for our Forest Lab.
28 days ago, Natalie Rogers
outside 1
outside 2
outside 3
WatchDOG, Jason Germain with Barrett Place, Grant Mogg and Miles Howdyshell last week. Thanks for coming to help out, Mr. Germain!
30 days ago, Natalie Rogers
We had the pleasure of hearing Ms. Charlotte Begley and Ms. Abigayle Brock kick off our last board meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance! Thank you, girls, for taking on the special honor of being Pledge Leaders!
about 1 month ago, Natalie Rogers
pledge leader 1
pledge leader 2
pledge leader 3
These Elementary students won the following I Spy a Leader Awards: Charlotte Begley - 'wiggle seat' for a day Walker Page & Odin Berthume - lunch with Mrs. Araway Hazel Allen & Charlee Guza - lunch with Mrs. Guza Roman Beebe and Arrayah Price - pledge leaders Ireland Fike - 15 minute break Talon Taylor, Maverick Richmand, Emma Suhr, Liz Govitz, Gage Porter, Paisley Hess, & Hazel Allen - weekly 'Golden Gopher' announcers
about 1 month ago, Coleman Schools
I Spy a Leader Winners
Thank you to families of Mrs. Standen/Mrs. Allen's class who came out for Poetry, Pizza and Parents! Mrs. Tara Standen, joined us as a 4th grade teacher this week. Tara had a business background before going back to school for teaching while raising her own kids. She has completed her teacher training and is ready to get started! Those who have been working with her in Harrison are thrilled with her ability to connect with students and the team, as well as her curricular knowledge. We are fortunate that she is joining us.
about 2 months ago, Coleman Schools
poetry pizza & parents
poetry pizza & parents
poetry pizza & parents
Many mornings the elementary school library is buzzing with students helping students. Sixth graders volunteer some time out of the classroom to listen to younger students read. This is a great example of Think Win-Win. Older students feel like experts, and younger students get additional practice with reading. We appreciate our student leaders!
about 2 months ago, Coleman Schools
students helping students
students helping students
Attention parents: the Mobile Dentist will be visiting us again soon on May 9th and May 16th! If you want to ensure your child receives dental care on these dates, please be sure to register your child by April 18th. You can return your physical form to the Elementary or Jr/Sr High School office, or you can register online at If you have any questions, please reach out to our School Nurse, Mrs. Weber.
about 2 months ago, Natalie Rogers
Our paraprofessionals are a key factor in the successes of our students and the work of our staff. Today is Paraprofessional Recognition Day and we couldn't do all this without them! If you have a minute, drop them a note, send a thank you or give them a small token of appreciation for all they do. Thank you ladies!
about 2 months ago, Jennifer McCormack
Tonight's Pledge Leaders came dressed on theme! Myriah wore her 'USA' sweatshirt and Arianna wore her stars & stripes dress. The girls did a great job kicking off the meeting, thank you so much for helping us out tonight!
2 months ago, Natalie Rogers
myriah and arianna
photo with board member
Last week, the elementary building celebrated Social-Emotional Learning week! The kindergarten and first grade classes discussed kindness and shared a time when someone was kind to them. The 2nd and 3rd grade classes defined what "happiness" meant to them and shared some things that make them happy. The 4th grade and Mrs. Young's classes worked on a collaborative mural project, displaying teamwork and creativity. Lastly, the 5th and 6th grade groups learned what "gratitude" means and identified things in their life that they are grateful for.
3 months ago, Natalie Rogers
sel week 4
sel week 5
sel week 6
sel week 10
sel week 9
sel week 8
sel week 7
sel week 3
sel week 2
sel week 1
The elementary school had a very successful Publishing Day on Wednesday! Students walked around the school to read and enjoy the writing of other students. Parents were also invited to listen to our students' amazing work. Reading Month is always a blast!
3 months ago, Natalie Rogers
publishing day 1
publishing day 2
publishing day 3
publishing day 4
publishing day 5
publishing day 6
publishing day 7
Mark your calendars for another Community Informational Meeting regarding the May 2, 2023, Coleman Community Schools Bond Proposal which will take place Thursday, March 23 at 6:00 p.m. in the Jr./Sr. High School. Please share this information with friends and other community members. All are welcome and we hope to see you there to learn what is included in the proposal as well as where you can find more information.
3 months ago, Jennifer McCormack
It is the goal of the Board and Administration to share information about the upcoming Bond Proposal with as many community members as possible.  Please feel free to share this message by forwarding it to those family and friends you know who may not currently have students in school.  How can you help or learn more about the upcoming May 2, 2023 Coleman Schools' Bond Proposal? Mark your calendars and attend a meeting- Coleman Bond Campaign Informational Meetings at the Coleman Jr./Sr. High School ! March 8th at 3:30 p.m. (Rm. 135)  March 8th at 6:00 p.m. (Auditorium)  March 23rd at 6:00 p.m. (Auditorium)  Come join us and bring friends, family, other community members and students to learn more about the upcoming May 2nd, 2023 Bond Proposal vote for the Jr./Sr. High School. During these meetings, we will also engage community members and staff in ways they can actively share information throughout the community.  Educate yourself and others with accurate information- take some time to look at the information on Bond page link including tax calculator, bi-fold, scope and design, detailed bond proposal breakdown, specific projects included, Inquiry form and  video looks at the Jr./Sr. High building Take a tour of the building by going to the Inquiry Form on the website to ask questions or sign up for a tour on the Google Form. Once we receive the alert, we will be back in touch with you. You can also take a tour, mingle and have refreshments from 7-7:45 p.m. on March 9th before the Community Watch Party for the Leah's Korner Kafe episode on Restaurant Impossible. Sign up to help get the information out to the community! We need you to help share this important information accurately. You'll be given talking points and ways to help. Please go to this link: Kr9Jw67Pdq54evya9 Forward/share texts, emails and social media posts to those in your contact lists who do not have children in the school or who may not otherwise see them. If you are a coach, advisor or teacher, share this email and other information with families and students in your groups. Don't forget to vote on May 2nd or starting March 23rd by absentee ballot! Don't hesitate to reach out or have others reach out if there are questions. The best way to do this is through the Inquiry form on the website, but you can also reach me at or 989.465.1891 x2104 or the Board at Go Comets!
3 months ago, Jennifer McCormack