Coleman Schools will be closed on Monday, 1.30.2023, due to road conditions. Afternoon and evening event information will be posted by noon tomorrow.
3 days ago, Jennifer McCormack
The Coleman Family Center is hosting a "My Grown Up & Me" dance coming up on February 10th. Check out the flier for more information!
5 days ago, Natalie Rogers
dance invite
Coleman Schools will be closed today, Friday, 1.27.2023, due to continued/worse icy road conditions. Information will be posted by noon about any afternoon/ evening events. Be safe and stay warm today!
6 days ago, Jennifer McCormack
This week with Mrs. Lagalo, students in kindergarten through third grade learned a calm down technique called "teddy bear breaths" or "buddy breaths". They had to lay on the floor, place a bear on their stomach, and watch the bear go up and down with their deep breaths. Some of the students pretended they were rocking their bears to sleep. They all did a great job!
7 days ago, Natalie Rogers
teddy breath 2
teddy breath 1
teddy breath 3
A message will go out by noon Thursday (today) letting everyone know if there will be voluntary sports practices and team pictures today. There will NOT be practices/ meetings for other extra-curriculars. Thank you.
7 days ago, Jennifer McCormack
Coleman Schools will be closed Thursday, January 26th, due to overnight freezing of the secondary roads, especially those leading in and out of Isabella County. Please be safe today and stay warm!
7 days ago, Jennifer McCormack
Self Love Beauty is hosting the 2023 Teen Conference! It is for 6th-9th grade girls that want to learn some self-confidence and self-love skills! Check out the flier for more information.
9 days ago, Natalie Rogers
2023 teen conference
Students in Room 22 pose to say "Thank You!" to Mrs. Melissa Allen for serving as their substitute teacher until a highly qualified, permanent teacher could be hired. Thank you, Mrs. Allen! (photo credits to Kaelyn Guza)
10 days ago, Natalie Rogers
thank you mrs allen
We were treated with three Pledge Leaders at tonight’s board meeting, since one of them could not make it last week! Thank you to Bella, Faith, and Mika for doing a great job with the pledge, and making our Board smile during Board of Education recognition month! And thank you to our Board for their commitment and support of our school — we so appreciate everything you do!
16 days ago, Natalie Rogers
all three kiddos
Busses are running about 15 minutes behind due to getting a late start at the high school. They are all en route. Thank you!
16 days ago, Jennifer McCormack
Ms. McDonald/ Mrs. Allen's 2nd grade class is learning about how to express characters' thoughts and feelings in their writing lessons. For today's lesson, Mrs. Lagalo was so kind as to come in and do a Social-Emotional Learning lesson with us! She started by reading “Pete’s a Pizza,” then led an activity where they had to tell their classmates whether or not they liked pizza by the inflection in their voice when they said the word “pizza.” After that, they got to make their own paper plate pizzas! Our 2nd grade class is hoping to have Mrs. Lagalo back in the room for more lessons!
17 days ago, Natalie Rogers
pizza kid 1
pizza kid 2
pizza kid 3
pizza kid 4
Today is Technology/ Communications Recognition Day! We have some great people with strong skills in this area. They keep us in the latest technology to benefit students and staff, seem to love a new challenge and bring us fresh ideas. They advertise information daily that is sent to them by staff about what we do with students and get the word out to the community. They keep us organized and updated on what events are coming next and have a creative side. Thank you to Jim Burkhart, Brian Cone and Shane Gross. Thank you to our Student Technology Staff- Zach MacPhee, Gabrielle Crowl for all you do in the Technology realm. Thank you to Laurie Bell and Natalie Rogers for taking care of most of our online presence through the website and social media as well as ensuring the community can use our electronic signage to learn about events. If you have a few minutes today, stop some of these people and say thank you, give them a small token of appreciation or just a pat on the back.  And no, we did not make them post their own recognition message- that's why it's not nearly as eye-catching as most ;o)
20 days ago, Jennifer McCormack
Chippewa Nature Center brought our 2nd graders a very fun lesson on Tuesday! They learned about the life cycle of pine trees, and got to explore the Agriscience program's greenhouse. Then, they enjoyed playing a game to learn about the resources that plants need to grow! One group was a resource and the other group were plants. If the plant couldn't get the resource it needed, they had to "die"; the children really enjoyed acting it out by falling dramatically on the ground!
21 days ago, Natalie Rogers
pine trees 1
pine trees 2
pine trees 3
pine trees 4
More sportsmanship posters by our 4th graders!
28 days ago, Natalie Rogers
poster 5
poster 6
The 4th grade students recently had a Social-Emotional Learning lesson with Mrs. Lagalo on sportsmanship. They each crafted their own poster on how to be a good sport. The posters were hung in the gym and around the school as motivation for all of the students. Great job, 4th grade!
28 days ago, Natalie Rogers
poster 1
poster 2
poster 3
poster 4
Mrs. Brownlee's class celebrated the December birthday of a special Watch Dog in the Elementary before break! Happy birthday, Mr. Germain!
about 1 month ago, Coleman Schools
Mr. Germain birthday celebration
Leader in Me Extravaganza at the Elementary last month was a success! Thank you to all who attended and to all who helped out.
about 1 month ago, Coleman Schools
LIM Extravaganza
LIM Extravaganza
LIM Extravaganza
LIM Extravaganza
Just a quick reminder that Wed., Dec. 21st, is our last day before the winter break. Jr./Sr. High will release at 1:50 p.m. and Elementary at 2 p.m. School will resume on Tuesday, January 3rd, and we look forward to seeing you then. Enjoy your winter break and holidays and we hope you have a relaxing and fun time with family and friends! See you on the 3rd!
about 1 month ago, Jennifer McCormack
Tonight’s Pledge Leader at the Board of Education Meeting: Braxton Wilson! Braxton was accompanied tonight by his siblings, Landon and Addison. Thanks for saying the Pledge so nicely and loudly for us!
about 1 month ago, Natalie Rogers
A story shared by Mrs. Young: I recently entered to win reading buddies for each of my students, and a $200 gift card to put towards my class library. I had to write about how reading buddies can be beneficial to our students, and how we could use them in our district. I just returned back to my classroom to 2 huge boxes FILLED with teddy bears! Turns out, I won! Each of my students will receive a reading buddy, and the rest will be donated. I also get to shop for $200 worth of new books to help diversify my library. I plan on using it for social emotional stories to use with my kiddos :) Congrats on your big win, Mrs. Young!
about 2 months ago, Natalie Rogers
Reading buddies