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I’d bet you’ve never seen a reading month like this before! Weeks of collecting cereal, decorating doors, and reading lots of books, has led us to the ultimate celebration: cereal box dominos in the cafeteria!

Our kiddos (thank you parents!) donated a whopping 1,006 boxes of cereal for the food pantry! Mrs. Staley’s class won the friendly competition, donating the highest percentage of boxes per student. We kept our donations organized in the library (just look at some of those piles!).

Each classroom door was decorated to look like cereal boxes, too (most containing reading puns). The students really felt inspired to read surrounded by such a fun, colorful theme everyday.

Each box was carefully arranged into swirls, loops, and towers by our 5th and 6th graders. The temptation to knock them all over was palpable, but the students were able to resist the urge until every student was present in the cafeteria, ready to watch.

Finally, it was time! After a countdown, we let ‘er rip. The students cheered and clapped (even though the boxes needed poked a few times to keep them falling). Mrs. Araway reminded them that their donations will make a big difference to those in the community that need it, and thanked them and their families for helping out.

Cleanup went quickly with our fifth and sixth graders doing all the work!

Keep up the amazing work, Comets. I can’t wait to see what reading month will bring us next year!