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COVID Resource for Positive Case Reporting

Return to Learn Preparedness & Response Approved Plan A 2-pager of info. most important to parents will be forwarded by early next week if not sooner to simplify detail for everyone.

Chartwell's Healthy Service Flyer

Continuity of Learning Plan and ISD Approval

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Community Resources

Educational & Entertaining Resources for Students K-12

For Those With IEPs And 504s

If your child struggles with READING, this is a great tool that will read the text to your child, it’s called READ ALOUD. And. . . . it’s easy to install.

If your child struggles with DYSLEXIA try this app OpenDyslexic. It changes the font they are reading on a web page to make it more easily readable.

If your child struggles with FOCUS here’s a couple of apps that will help them to zero in on what they need to focus on , , , ,

Visor This screen overlay tool darkens out the page except for a horizontal band you can move up and down as you read, helping the student to focus.

Move It This is a great site to get kids up and moving every so many minutes while online and directs them to do an exercise. Example: 10 Jumping Jacks


AlgebraByExample (usually Grades 8 or 9)
9 algebra topics, 42 individual assignments
Students analyze and explain correctly and incorrectly worked examples targeting common errors in algebra and then work on similar problems on their own.
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MathByExample (Grades 4 & 5)
13 math topics, 125+ individual assignments
Students analyze and explain correctly and incorrectly worked examples targeting common errors in math and then work on similar problems on their own.
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Poster Problems (Grades 6 & 7)
6 sixth grade problems, 6 seventh grade problems
These are more complex, open-ended problems that encourage creating and comparing multiple representations.
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Science Generation (18 five part units plus a large bank of additional activities within a digital dashboard
SciGen covers a variety of science topics, including cells, energy, environment, matter, and more. The “dashboard” is full of interactive media.
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to the dashboard

Social Studies Generation (Grades 6-8)
18 five part units
Asking students to consider multiple points of view, these units include topics such as ancient civilizations, the experiences of two children of Sudan, and complex questions related to American democracy.
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WordGen Weekly (Grades 6-8)
72 five-part units available
Uses a societal dilemma to frame brief activities to promote academic language development, argumentation, perspective-taking, and discussion.
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WordGen Elementary (Grades 4 & 5)
24 ten-part units available
Develops academic language, argumentation, and perspective-taking skills through activities, reading, writing, discussion, and more. Each unit focuses on a discussable question and even includes a video newscast and a script for a reader’s theater!
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Focus 5 (all grades)
A selection of deep breathing activities for calming and centering. Includes downloadable cards and audio recording of students leading the activities.
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