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    7th grade has their Geography book.  Starting with chapter one  Student and or parents can read a section and answer the questions at the end of the section. Students should write all vocab words and definitions down.  Please use capital letter and period at the end of your answer.  Please put name date and hour at the top of your paper.  Try to do one section a day. When done with the chapter review you can try the practice test on phschool.com, the code is on page 21 for chapter one. lca 6100.  With chapter one comes the Dam project.  In Section 3 the 3 gorges dam was built for Hydro power. Research and write on comparison of a Michigan dam to this one.
    Continue through the book going chapter by chapter, this will help pass the time and keep the students with a sense of a normal day. Each chapter has lots of ideas for the paper on a interesting topic.  chapter 2 section 3 talks about rockets and Mars.  Lots of information on Google earth on Mars.
    7th grade computers. If access to a keyboard practice typing the ABC, wpm on typing test.com.  Some fun educational games here. If you have internet go into 
    Code.org and practice programming. lots of fun simple game on programming.  Research on current events.......Viruses, the government, your favorite sport can be good papers to write on.
    HS Multi-Media,  Get some good Pictures of the current situation for the yearbook and send to jfalor@colemanschools.net  .  Use Social media to bring a positive message to others that might need some up lifting.  Create a short project on your phone of pictures or good information to share with others.
    All people need to get outside for 60 min a day and exercise. 
    Please E-mail me with any question
    Mr. Falor